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Rail Archives Research

As part of my MSc, I carried out a research project on the Challenges Facing the Management and Promotion of Archives in Rail-Related Memory Institutions. This project involved a survey of 52 heritage rail-related organisations (including heritage railways, museums, archives and line societies) and a more detailed study of three of these organisations. 

I am making the results of this research freely available in the hopes that it will be of use to organisations affected by the issues raised. 

If you use this research in your own writing, credit would be much appreciated.

If you want to contact me about any aspect of this work, you can do so via the "Contact" page or at tbuckleywriting [at] gmail [dot] com. 

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Full Dissertation

Read the full dissertation including results and discussion here. 

Summary of Results.png

Summary of Results

An infographic displaying some of the standout results from the survey. 


Archival Policy 

A report on the use of archival policy in rail-related memory institutions.



A report on archival staff in rail-related memory institutions. 

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Audience Awareness

A report on audience awareness in rail-related memory institutions.

Digital Work Life

More soon!

Watch this space.

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